Hurricanes Respond to Rumors Regarding Their Star Player's Cancer Diagnosis

Published November 6, 2023 at 1:43 PM

The Carolina Hurricanes have been missing star goaltender Frederik Andersen for the past few days, and now, speculation is running rampant on what's going on with the veteran goaltender.

Clarification on the diagnosis of Carolina Hurricanes Frederick Andersen's Health Status


While the Hurricanes weren't able to go into too much detail about the situation, the team did release this statement early on Monday amidst all the rumours about Andersen.

Frederik Andersen is dealing with a medical issue and undergoing evaluations. An update will be provided when available, but no further comment will be issued until that time.

This doesn't give us any insight to exactly what's happening, but Kevin Weekes has now revealed that an official medical update will be coming later on Monday.

A tough situation for the starting goaltender Frederick Andersen's NHL Career

While the situation doesn't look good right now, Hurricanes insider Luke DeCock has given us as much detail as we know right now, claiming that the issue isn't imminently life threatening, but is still something that needs to be dealt with and taken very seriously.

This wording is very ominous but I'm told the issue, and I don't know what it is specifically, is treatable and not imminently life-threatening, to the extent that clarifies things. It does need to be addressed and has the potential to keep Andersen out for period of time.

Ultimately, we hope for the best for the veteran goaltender, and perhaps the update later today could ease the fears of a lot of fans, but we will give an update on the situation as soon as it happens.


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Hurricanes Respond to Rumors Regarding Their Star Player's Cancer Diagnosis

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