Signs Point to the End of Matt Murray's Time in Toronto After Latest Gesture

Published June 24, 2023 at 11:01
As the speculations surrounding Matt Murray's future are swirling, a new hint has been revealed, confirming that the goalie and the Leafs may part ways this summer.

Murray's Gesture

Matt Murray did something a bit childish that reveals his intentions for next season.

He unfollowed the Leafs on Instagram. Would you unfollow your own team? This is a pretty good clue that he will be traded or bought out by Treliving.

"Murray unfollowed the Leafs on IG; it looks like a breakup is on the horizon.

A buyout would free just over $1.3M for the Sens, I believe, reducing the amount on the books for 23-24 from $1.56M to $229k if the Leafs can't find a trade partner."

Trade or Buyout?

As you can see, the impacts of a buyout on the Senators, Murray's former team, would be immense. They already don't have a lot of cap space, but it could be worse. If the Leafs don't find a trade partner, Ottawa will only have $229k available for next season.

Treliving will need to make a strategic decision here. He will likely try to trade him, but don't be surprised if he buys out Murray in the event a trade doesn't work.

What do you think will happen?

As seen on Blade of Steel - Murray's time in Toronto appears to be over after recent gesture
June 24   |   1540 answers
Signs Point to the End of Matt Murray's Time in Toronto After Latest Gesture

What do you think will happen to Matt Murray?

He'll be traded59238.4 %
He'll be bought out66243 %
He'll retire18211.8 %
He'll stay in Toronto1036.7 %
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