Shanahan Makes Confusing Decision to Help Dubas and the Penguins

Published June 19, 2023 at 3:45 PM

Shanahan's Weird Decision

When the Toronto Maple Leafs hired Brad Treliving to replace Kyle Dubas as their General Manager, the Calgary Flames made themselves clear: Treliving can't be at the draft table in Nashville.

By doing so, they harm the Leafs considerably. They'll need to do the draft without their GM.

When Kyle Dubas was hired by the Pittsburgh Penguins to be President of Hockey Operation of the organizaion, Brendan Shanahan took the decision to not impose such a restriction.

Helping Dubas and the Pens

Kyle Dubas can indeed work at the draft and be a part of the decisions.

"ls Kyle Dubas also restricted from partaking in the draft like Brad Treliving? @andrewoprea28

No, the Leafs didn't place any restrictions on Dubas when allowing Pittsburgh to negotiate with him prior to the end of his previous Contract. He's completely untethered.

Unless something changes, Treliving won't be able to physically walk the draft floor or sit at the Leafs draft table in Nashville because the Calgary Flames his previous employer insisted on those conditions in exchange for letting him walk early."


This helps the Penguins considerably. Shanahan had the opportunity to land a huge blow on Dubas, but he didn't.

Another questionnable move by Shanahan...

As seen on Blade of Steel - Brendan Shanahan makes decision that allows Kyle Dubas to screw over the Maple Leafs one last time
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Shanahan Makes Confusing Decision to Help Dubas and the Penguins

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