Rookie Connor Bedard Goes Viral After On-Ice Temper Tantrum

Published December 1, 2023 at 9:07
In a recent game, the Chicago Blackhawks were playing against the Detroit Redwings. The Blackhawks were on a powerplay and Connor Bedard was on the ensuing fore-check, where he lost control of his stick.

Connor Bedard's frustrations over the powerplay

The Chicago Blackhawks have had 68 powerplay opportunities and have only scored 15 points throughout that course. With a 10.3% rating in the NHL this season.

Bedard's actions come from not being able to utilize his team's offense more potently and may have a say in the matter. However, nothing has been heard or observed by the media, after the outburst.

What will Chicago Blackhawks head coach Luke Richardson do differently?

In addition to the outburst by Connor Bedard, it is quite clear that the head coach of the Chicago Blackhawks Luke Richardson will at least try to shake up things on the matter and adjust the powerplay with his coaching staff in some manner.

Luke Richardson's approach to the game, and that he listens to his players is a progressing sign of maturity from the roster and himself, to say the least. He works with his players on the roster and keeps a consistent eye on their gameplay by talking to them and observing their gameplay.

Especially the younger players of the team.

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Rookie Connor Bedard Goes Viral After On-Ice Temper Tantrum

Will the Chicago Blackhawks powerplay improve during the next stretch of the season?

Yes20952.6 %
No18747.1 %
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