Patrick Kane Opens Up About Being Betrayed by the Blackhawks

Published December 1, 2023 at 2:56 PM
Patrick Kane's time in Chicago ended unceremoniously and now he has opened up about not being brought back last offseason.

Kane Opens Up About Not Returning To Chicago

Last year Patrick Kane was traded from the Chicago Blackhawks to the New York Rangers. After a first-round exit, Kane saw that the Blackhawks had won the draft lottery and the right to select Connor Bedard first overall. Due to this, Kane thought that there was a shot that GM Kyle Davidson could decide to bring him and/or Jonathan Toews back as a mentor to Connor Bedard.

«Especially after that first pick, I was like, ‘OK, maybe they'll try to bring, even like [Jonathan Toews] or myself back.' I know when I was a young guy, it really helped having some older guys around like Robert Lang, (Martin) Havlat, Yanick Perrault and Patrick Lalime, guys like that. Obviously, we had some young guys coming up that were pretty special players, and that made it pretty easy on me, too. It seemed like they wanted to go in a direction where they were going to bring in some different type of veterans." - Patrick Kane

Unfortunately for Kane, the Blackhawks elected to bring in some different veterans to mentor Bedard. Amongst these are Corey Perry, Taylor Hall, and Nick Foligno. However, two of these players, Hall and Perry, will not play another game for the Blackhawks this year.

Kane Enters A New Chapter In Detroit

After getting zero consideration from the Blackhawks, Kane wound up signing with the Detroit Red Wings and will play alongside former Blackhawks teammate Alex DeBrincat.

He will likely make up a third of an all-American first line in Detroit with DeBrincat and captain Dylan Larkin. Since this contract is only a one year deal, there is a chance that Kane winds up playing with the Blackhawks again if they chose to give Bedard another mentor for his sophomore year.

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Patrick Kane Opens Up About Being Betrayed by the Blackhawks

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