NHL Fans Already Turning on Connor Bedard After Latest Comments

Published June 10, 2023 at 11:02
The hockey world is already starting to prepare for Connor Bedard's arrival in the NHL. He's a generational talent and could change the entire face of the sport.

He will be chosen with the first overall pick in the draft and this year, the Chicago Blackhawks won the lottery.

In a recent interview during the Combine, Bedard gave his thoughts on the Blackhawks.

Bedard's Comments

Per Charlie Roumeliotis:

Connor Bedard said it'd be «awesome» if he was taken by Chicago at No. 1 overall: «The history with that organization and that city with sports would be unbelievable. We'll see what happens. If they do select me, that would be a huge honor.» #Blackhawks

These are the standard comments from a player who's about to get drafted. He can't really say bad things about the organization, and some fans don't like it.

Fans Already Turning on Him

The Blackhawks are still under fire for what happened in Kyle Beach's sex abuse case.

Bedard didn't mention anything about this in his interview and it caused a stir on Twitter.

"Is he aware of The past decade of Hawks criminal acts? The organization covered up sex abuse of players

Maybe he should read up and HOPE he doesn't go 1st overall."

This will have absolutely no impact about his selection at the first overall pick, but aknowledging the circumstances in Chicago could defuse the situation.

As seen on Hawks Insider - NHL Fans Aren't Happy With Connor Bedard's Comments
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NHL Fans Already Turning on Connor Bedard After Latest Comments

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