We Now Know Where Michael Bunting Stands in an Extension With the Leafs

Wade Messier
June 10, 2023  (9:54)

One of the biggest tasks newly appointed GM Brad Treliving will be forced to tackle this offseason is the handling of pending free agent Michael Bunting. Bunting has spent the past two years in Toronto on an absolute steal of a contract but is due for a massive pay raise this offseason. While some think that bringing back Bunting is a must for Treliving, he's going to look at all his options.

Bunting and Leafs Haven't Had Contract Talks

According to a recent report by Leafs reporter David Alter, Michael Bunting and the Leafs front office haven't met for any discussions about a contract extension since last offseason. While not everybody expected Bunting to get re-signed, it appears as though this new management has shown zero interest in bringing Bunting back.

It would make sense that the two hadn't had any contract discussions if Bunting's ask was ridiculously high, so many are wondering just how much money Bunting is seeking on the open market. It looks like we might see Bunting get a massive payday soon.

Domi Could be a Cheaper Replacement

One player who has been floated around on social media is Max Domi, who's coming off of a one-year contract that he signed with Chicago, and finished in Dallas. Aside from Domi's history with the city of Toronto and his father's legacy there, Domi could be a great stylistic fit for the Leafs.
Domi will almost certainly be asking for less money and term than Bunting is this summer and could show serious interest in returning to his home city. His gritty, in-your-face brand of hockey would serve as a nice replacement for Bunting in the likely event that he departs this summer, while still retaining his scoring touch.
Domi posted a 70+ point season with Montreal just a few short years ago, and we started to see shades of his former self in Dallas toward the end of this season. Perhaps the chance to play with the likes of Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner could reignite that flame.
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We Now Know Where Michael Bunting Stands in an Extension With the Leafs

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