NHL Expert Claims Connor Bedard is Overhyped

Published June 13, 2023 at 12:35
There is no doubt that Connor Bedard will be selected as the first overall pick in the upcoming draft.

Whenever a young and talented player like him enters the NHL, there are high expectations. In Bedard's case, some analysts believe that the hype surrounding him is excessive.

Is there too much hype surrounding Bedard?

There is no doubt that he will have a significant impact on the franchise he joins. He will likely make a big difference for his team.

However, an anonymous NHL scout, who spoke with Corey Pronman at The Athletic, suggests that people should temper their expectations.

"I worry the hype on him is getting a little out of control. He's No. 1, he's the guy, amazing player, but I'm not sure I'm projecting him to be like an immediate top 5-10 player in the league or something. He's not McDavid. I still think you're getting someone who could have a Patrick Kane-type of career though if he hits."

"He's not McDavid"

There are many comparisons between McDavid and Bedard. Both players share many similarities, and Bedard has even surpassed some of McDavid's records. However, the scout emphasizes that while Bedard is an incredible player, he is not on the same level as McDavid.

The scout goes on to say that the Blackhawks will acquire another player similar to Patrick Kane, which is still a great outcome but not as exceptional as having someone like McDavid.

Only time will tell what kind of career Bedard will have, but there is a lot of hope in Chicago that they are getting a generational talent.

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NHL Expert Claims Connor Bedard is Overhyped

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