We now know when the Maple Leafs will make a decision on Sheldon Keefe

Julien Trekker
June 13, 2023  (11:27)

What About Sheldon Keefe?

When a General Manager arrives with a new team, there's always a lot of work to do. After all, shaping the team in your way takes time and work.
Among all the things he has to do, dealing with Sheldon Keefe is an important one.
Until now, there had been no developments on that matter for a while.

Insider Provides New Informations on Keefe's Future

Chris Johnston started by revealing that the Leafs didn't have anyone else come in for an interview.
Then, after he reminded us that Keefe still has a year on his contract, he said that it didn't seem like a high priority for Treliving.
Finally, he stated that there should be an announcement about the situation before next week.
"The truth is, I don't know what's going to happen. I haven't heard of the Leafs' management interviewing anyone else. I'm sure they've had at least the hypothetical exercises, saying 'well, if we were to move on from him, would we get person A, person B, person C?', but I don't think it's been that high a priority.

I think that there's just been a lot of things on the new general manager's plate... we're at the point where Sheldon Keefe is going need to know at some point. He does have a contract for next year, but I would imagine that he's looking for clarity here... I would be surprised if it went beyond the end of this week without us at least knowing one way or the other, but I don't have any reason to suspect that the timing suggests that a change is coming."

You can hear the whole interview on TSN's First Up, where he talks about Robertson, Nylander and Keefe, in the link below:
As reported on Maple Leafs Daily -
An NHL Insider provides the latest info on Sheldon Keefe and when we can expect a decision from the Leafs
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We now know when the Maple Leafs will make a decision on Sheldon Keefe

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