McDavid Fuels Flames Fans In Acceptance Speech

Published June 26, 2023 at 9:15 PM
To no NHL fan's surpise, Connor McDavid is once again the recipient of the Ted Lindsay award for the most outstanding player in the league, as per the choice of fellow players.

Award Recognition

McDavid deservedly received the fourth Ted Lindsay Award of his career after having undoubtedly one of his best seasons to date, collecting his career-high 153 points, as well as adding on an extravagant 64 goals which topped the league.

A Special Thank You

When McDavid was announced the winner of the award, as per usual for a winner, he went to the stage and gave his acceptance speech. In this, he took the time to focus on and thank the fans in all the stadiums he played in this season. But during this, he took his chance to get back at his fellow Alberta team's rivals. McDavid was quoted saying this:

Lastly, to all you hockey fans out there even you Flames fans you guys bring the energy to all the buildings across the league. It makes it special to play in front of you guys every night.

All to do now is wait for Scotiabank Saddledome's response next season when McDavid returns to the Flames home ice.

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McDavid Fuels Flames Fans In Acceptance Speech

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