Maple Leafs Jake McCabe Punishes Rangers Defenseman With Massive Hit

Published December 13, 2023 at 9:50
The Toronto Maple Leafs are not known to be one of the tougher teams in the league. In fact, many have called them soft over the years. Tonight Leafs defenseman Jake McCabe tried to singlehandedly change that narrative.

McCabe Makes Rangers Defensemen Regret Choices With Massive Hit

The Leafs thoroughly spanked the New York Rangers tonight 7-3. One Rangers defenseman is feeling the pain of the loss a bit more than everyone else though as Charlie Lindgren was the victim of a massive, but clean hit from Jake McCabe late in the game.

The angle from the center ice camera makes the hit look even more punishing for Lindgren.

Jake McCabe drops the hammer on Lindgren

Leafs Fans Appreciate Physical Play In Key Victory Against New York Rangers

This is arguably one of the most notable hits any Leaf has made in quite some time. After all, the Leafs are not known to be a particularly physical team. Leafs fans appear to be particularly pleased by the hit as he has received lots of adoration from fans on social media for the play.

Love me some Jake McCabe

The game proved to be a critical win for the Leafs as the team is currently fighting to stay in the top three of a strong Atlantic Division. With the win, the Leafs are now one point ahead of Detroit in the Atlantic with two games in hand.

As seen on Jake McCabe lands one of the biggest hits of the season and sends Ryan Lindgren flying
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Maple Leafs Jake McCabe Punishes Rangers Defenseman With Massive Hit

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