FLA Live Arena Causing Massive Outrage Over Prices Ahead of Game Four

Published June 10, 2023 at 5:51 PM
Game four of the Stanley Cup Final between the Florida Panthers and Vegas Golden Knights will take place tonight and could determine the rest of the series. With both teams under the microscope of the entire NHL, a forgotten aspect is the fans of each team.

FLA Live Arena Causes Mass Outrage

While all of the chaos surrounding the Panthers and Knights rages on, the FLA Live Arena has sneakily taken wild advantage of hockey fans. The price of parking at FLA Live Arena was revealed ahead of tonight's game, and it will cost fans $100 + tax just to park their cars.

If you're taken aback by this wildly outrageous price, don't worry, you're not alone.

Fans Voice Their Frustrations

Fans on Twitter were quick to let FLA Live Arena know how they felt about the unreasonable parking prices, and they didn't hold back one bit.

We completely understand the frustration of these fans. It's clear that FLA Live Arena is trying to take advantage of fans who are desperate to see their team play in the Stanley Cup Final, and it's flat-out wrong.

As Seen on Blade of Steel - FLA Live Arena ripping off Panthers fans ahead of Game 4 on Saturday night
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FLA Live Arena Causing Massive Outrage Over Prices Ahead of Game Four

Would you pay $100 to park to see your team play in the Stanley Cup Final?

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