Evander Kane's character uncovered by young Oilers fan

Published June 19, 2023 at 2:54 PM
Evander Kane may have a bad reputation as a hockey player, it appears that off the ice Kane is looking to change the narrative.

Kane Supports Cancer Survivor

Cecily Eklund is a young girl and brain cancer survivor who raised $86,000 in honour of the Ben Stelter, a young Oilers fan who sadly passed away from brain cancer.

Together Kane and Cecily, known as Simply Cecily online, attended the young fans first Edmonton Elks game.

The pair also went to visit fellow young brain cancer survivors.

Their time together was capped off with Kane taking Cecily for a ride in his sports car, where she was also allowed to drive.

Evander Kane Class Act

Regardless of how you may perceive Evander Kane as a hockey player, there is no denying that his intentions are truly genuine. Kane took his time to thank the sponsors on social media for his great time with Cecily.

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Evander Kane's character uncovered by young Oilers fan

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