Dubas' Impressive Prospect Interview Process Leaked

Published June 11, 2023 at 12:15
Kyle Dubas has only been the president of Hockey Ops in Pittsburgh for a few weeks, but he's already making headlines for his unique prospect interview process.

What Would You Do Next

At the annual prospect combine in Buffalo, teams have a chance to interview many of the top draft-eligible players.

While some teams ask questions to get an insight into a players' character, like what type of animal they see themselves as, the Pittsburgh Penguins take things to another level.

Equipped with a TV and game footage, they ask players what they would do next in any given game situation.

This is a genius way to determine Hockey IQ, and it will hopefully pay off in spades for the Pens.

Dubas also asks players what they thought their highlight games were:

"If I was going to watch one game of you at your absolute best from this year, what game would you tell me to watch?"

Exciting Future

This type of forward thinking is what will take the Penguins to another level.
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Dubas' Impressive Prospect Interview Process Leaked

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