Dubas Eyeing Big Splash to Acquire Hometown Star

Published June 3, 2023 at 11:34
The Penguins' goaltending situation looks quite dire at the moment but Kyle Dubas could make a splash to acquire some star goaltending.

Dubas Eyeing Big Splash to Acquire Hometown Star

John Gibson was born in Pittsburgh back in 1993. Since then, he has worked his way up to become a starting goalie in the NHL and an elite goalie when the team in front of him is productive.

Gibson has let Ducks management know that he is not willing to take a beating every game. Last season he had a .899 sv% and a 3.99GAA, the worst in the NHL. He also led the NHL in saves.


This is intriguing for Pittsburgh because Gibson is an elite goaltender when he is not forced to stand on his head. Gibson has proven he can win with a team that gives him a break every now and again having won the Jennings trophy in 2015-16. He also has three seasons where he has over a .920 sv% which is elite.

What Would Pittsburgh Have To Give Up

Pittsburgh would have to start with picks in any Gibson trade. The Penguins do not have the deepest prospect pool. They could also trade top goalie prospect Joel Blomqvist who has shown out as somebody who could make the NHL as early as 2024.

Mock Trade

John Gibson ($1 million retained)

2023 14th overall pick
Samuel Poulin
Joel Blomqvist
June 3   |   299 answers
Dubas Eyeing Big Splash to Acquire Hometown Star

Who wins the mock trade?

Pittsburgh10635.5 %
Anaheim12240.8 %
Fair Trade7023.4 %
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