Crazy Fight Between Fans At Oilers Game Results in Knock-Out

Published December 9, 2023 at 10:00
A crazy scene broke out after the Oilers' game which saw fans go into an all-out brawl, leading one fan to get knocked out during the fight.

Fan Gets Knocked Out During Post-Game Brawl

Emotions got the best of Oilers fans last night, as a massive brawl broke out in the Casino attached to the arena after the game. The brawl saw several fans engage in throwing punches and ended up with one fan being knocked out.

Huge Brawl at Rogers Place Grand Villa casino after the game tonight

Fan fights are insane, as fans get caught up in the emotions of the physical game. However, they should be cautious as this is not playing hockey, and there are real consequences to engaging in physical violence in public.

Oilers Win Doesn't Make Fans Happy Enough to Keep them From Fighting

Being an Oilers fan has been an emotional rollercoaster the past few weeks, however, you'd think that they would be happy after the Oilers secured another victory last night. The Oilers are on a hot streak, winning 6 straight games in an attempt to get back on track this season.

The @EdmontonOilers were one of three home teams to pick up victories Friday, extending their win streak to six games the NHL's longest active run.

The Oilers will hope to continue this streak Sunday night against the Devils, and hopefully, fans will be happy if they continue their win streak.

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Crazy Fight Between Fans At Oilers Game Results in Knock-Out

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