Report: Maple Leafs To Face A Decision That Will Change The Course Of The Franchise

Tyler Ball
December 9, 2023  (9:12)

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been approaching a critical decision for the future as the season has gone on. Today two media members spoke about what it could mean for the future of the Maple Leafs.

Maple Leafs Looking To Avoid Disaster With Nylander

William Nylander is playing in the last year of his contract. As everyone knows the Maple Leafs have been trying to extend him since the summer began.
Now they are starting to approach a territory where decisions need to be made. According to Nick Kypreos the Maple Leafs will need to push to get things done as Nylander's agent has been known to be comfortable waiting until the last minute.
"They know they're dealing with an agent that has a comfort zone to go right to the very end," said Kypreos

Then Kypreos asked co-host Justin Bourne if the Maple Leafs need to consider trading Nylander if it gets down to the trade deadline. Bourne believes a prior experience could sway Brad Treliving.
"The only reason I would say yes is because Treliving has made it clear he doesn't want to do the Gaudreau thing again where he can't do anything and the guy just leaves."

After discussing Nylander the pair moved on to another impending free agent a year from now.

NHL Analyst Speculates On The Future Of Maple Leafs

With this frustrating process playing out with William Nylander Kypreos and Bourne decided to discuss Mitch Marner whose contract expires the offseason after Nylander.
"The scary part is that if you lose Willy Nylander... If you don't have Nylander on your roster and then it's Mitch Marner's turn for a negotiation, then you're screwed. You can't lose them both. So all of a sudden, Mitch has them up against the wall at that point where the Leafs are saying we have to keep one of our elite wingers... You make a decision. You either pick one or you sign Willy for the extra $500K that he's looking for."

Kypreos alludes to the idea that Mitch Marner could screw over the Maple Leafs if they lose out on Nylander. This is because the Maple Leafs cannot afford to lose out on both Nylander and Marner if they hope to continue competing.
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Report: Maple Leafs To Face A Decision That Will Change The Course Of The Franchise

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