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Canucks Journalist Claims Blackmail After Being Barred From Arena Access

Published December 27, 2023 at 9:26 PM
Tonight a Vancouver Canucks reporter has revealed that he has been banned from an NHL arena and blackmailed by the team whose arena he is banned from.

Canucks Journalist Banned From Arena Access From Rival Team

Vancouver Canucks journalist Rob Simpson is a veteran journalist who has been covering the team for years. Recently Simpson came out publically and said he has been banned from the Edmonton Oilers arena for over a year.

The ban is now 452 days old. Of course, when I asked why, I was originally told ‘we don't have to tell you' An entertaining full update on this story is coming shortly. It'll include actual audio of the club's PR guy threatening to blackmail me. There's also a new lie.

Simpson claims the team and PR staff will not tell him why he is banned from the arena. He also says he has audio clips of the Edmonton PR staff threatening to blackmail him.

Canucks Journalist To Cause Chaos In Edmonton?

If these claims by Simpson are true this is wild misconduct by the Edmonton Oilers PR staff. As of now, these are just allegations. We also do not know the reason Simpson was banned.

If Simpson does go public with his side of the story the Edmonton Oilers will likely respond. If the Oilers do engage with Simpson things could get ugly. It will likely lead to either the Oilers or Simpson being found of misconduct.

This of course is a developing story. As more information becomes available we will provide it to you.

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Canucks Journalist Claims Blackmail After Being Barred From Arena Access

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