Brady Tkachuk Receives 10-Minute Misconduct Penalty for Attempting to Fight Canes Goalie

Published December 13, 2023 at 8:52
The Carolina Hurricanes and Ottawa Senators played to a 4-1 win for the Hurricanes. The Hurricanes dominated play in the second period and locked it down in the third period. The game was not without some controversy though.

Penalty shot play in the third period for Brady Tkachuk

During a play late in the third period Brady Tkachuk appeared as though he was about to score a goal when Pyotr Kochetkov appeared to toss his stick to stop the puck as he slid in the opposite direction. Tkachuk was awarded a penalty shot as a result.

The penalty shot did not go as planned for Tkachuk as Kochetkov flew out of his crease with a poke-check, double-pad stack combo, that rode the line between good play and dangerous play.

Tkachuk was sent crashing into the boards. When he got back up he was not happy and the two jawed at each other as he skated back to the bench.

After the penalty shot play both players were not happy

Following the penalty shot, and skating back to the bench, Tkachuk tried to re-engage with Kochetkov but had to be held back by the referees.

The referees eventually had enough of Tkachuk and gave him a 10-minute misconduct, tossing him from the game to stop any further action from happening.

Brady Tkachuk was not happy after the game and made sure to let it be known.

The Hurricanes obviously saw it different, as Carolina's number one center gave an endorsement of Kochetkov after the game.

Depending on what team you cheer for will likely determine if you feel the play was dirty or not, but one thing is certain the two players are not fans of each other. It is also great news that Tkachuk was not hurt on the play
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Brady Tkachuk Receives 10-Minute Misconduct Penalty for Attempting to Fight Canes Goalie

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