Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe speaks during a press conference
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Sheldon Keefe Sounds Off On The Most Notorious Diver In The NHL

Published February 11, 2024 at 3:41 PM
Now it's Toronto coach Sheldon Keefe's the one now giving his two cents on Stutzle's diving during today's Maple Leafs-Senators game.

Derek Lalonde's call on Tim Stutzle's alleged dive in the Senators' win over the Red Wings sparked serious amusement among fans.

Lalonde seemed convinced that Stutzle hit the ice, but Stutzle was on fire, leading the Senators to victory.
On Saturday, it was Keefe's turn after another controversial flop by the Senators forward.

Keefe's Candid Commentary Sparks Social Media Storm:

Biggest diver in the f--king NHL! You see that sh-t!?" exclaimed Keefe in frustration from the bench during the Leafs 5-3 road loss in the battle of Ontario.

Kids are watching Tim!!!!

That's hockey for you emotions running high and no shortage of drama on and off the ice!
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Sheldon Keefe Sounds Off On The Most Notorious Diver In The NHL

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