Linus Ullmark, Goaltender of the Boston Bruins
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Linus Ullmark rejects blockbuster trade

Published March 8, 2024 at 6:06 PM

The latest buzz in the NHL trade talk surrounds Linus Ullmark, the reigning Vezina Trophy winner, was almost traded by the Boston Bruins, but he put the brakes on the deal. ?
It seems like the team he would've been traded to didn't quite match up with his geographical preferences.

Ullmark Rejects Trade Due to Geography Preferences

Reports are swirling that the Bruins had a trade all set for Ullmark, who's been stellar between the pipes. However, Ullmark has a modified no-trade clause, which means he can veto trades to certain teams.
Apparently, the team involved was on his list of 15 teams he could reject trades to, so he gave the thumbs down to Bruins GM Don Sweeny.

Many were speculating it might have been a Canadian team, considering the geographical reason for the rejection. Yet, the latest rumor says it was the Los Angeles Kings.

Now, why would Ullmark pass up a chance to join the Kings? After all, he would be their starter. Well, it could be a bunch of reasons. Maybe he's not too keen on the idea of playing in sunny California, or perhaps he's got some other personal reasons for wanting to stay put. He loves Boston!
Yet, until we hear it straight from the goalie's mouth, we can only guess. Either way, it's definitely thrown a curveball into the post trade deadline chatter!
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Linus Ullmark rejects blockbuster trade

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