Jamie Benn facing backlash for dangerous hit on Devon Toews

Tyler Ball
May 10, 2024  (9:47)

Dallas Stars captain delivering a thunderous and controversial hit to Colorado Avalanche defenseman Devon Toews during Game 2 of the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
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The Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche faced off in Game 2 of their Stanley Cup Playoff matchup. During the game, a hit by Jamie Benn has caused major backlash and calls for a suspension.

Jamie Benn has been known throughout his entire career as a power forward who can sometimes push the boundaries of the rules. A hit by Jamie Benn on Devon Toews last night fell into the category of controversial as it looks like he was targeting Devon Toews' head.
After review Jamie Benn was not given a penalty for this hit on Devon Toews

The lack of a penalty call by the referees has led to Jamie Benn facing major backlash from fans and media on social media.
Scumbag hit from Jamie Benn
Complete disregard for the opposing player's safety. Left his feet to target the head of a defenseless player

No penalty? F*** off NHL. What a joke.

The league is desperately trying to remove that hit from the game and you let it go. Awful #GoAvsGo

The Avs have played the stars in 2020 and 2024 in round 2 of the playoffs and both times Jamie Benn has had an unpenalized, nasty hit that took out an Avs defenseman. I am sick of it

Despite the outrage from fans and the repeated nature of these incidents involving Jamie Benn, no discipline is expected to be coming. The NHL has not commented on the situation and likely will not explain the process that went into deciding on no penalty being needed.
As safety continues to be talked about by the NHL these are the types of plays that need to be discussed. The intent of a hit versus outcome needs to be defined as to which is more important when making a call. Jamie Benn's intent was to go for the head. If intent is the rule then it should have been called if the result is all that matters then it is by rule a good hit.
Source: Blade of Steel - Benn's uncalled hit on Toews causes outrage among fans
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Jamie Benn facing backlash for dangerous hit on Devon Toews

Should the NHL consider the intent of Jamie Benn's actions toward Devon Toews when making penalty calls or just the result?

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Result only35443.2 %
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