What's the next step for the Leafs after losing Hyman and Andersen?

Published August 16, 2021 at 9:41 PM

After yet another disappointing ending to the Leafs season, Toronto decided to eliminate some of it's players.

As the The Leafs add another playoff disappointment to their resume, despite finishing as one of the top elite teams in the league with a record of 35-14-7, and won the division for the first time since the year 2000. In other words, that's 20 years of failure, sweat and tears!

As many fans thought this was the golden year! It was believed that the team was built differently this season as the top players ..Marner, Matthews were suppose to be the guys to take the fans to the promise land.

The curse just stayed put and all of us leafs fans, were just disappointed overall, from every Leaf player that was on the ice for Game 5, 6 and most importantly Game 7 vs The Canadiens.

So the leafs had to get things done, and thank god they didn't ship Marner because he was rumored to be traded after an other horrible playoff performance, but Marner has to be better on both ends on the ice, because the Leafs are not afraid to make big moves.


Zach Hyman was looking for 9-10 M$ a year, and to be honest with you, he doesn't deserver that money, and obviously he was one of the key parts of the leafs dominance in the regular season the last 3 years, but leafs were fine with letting him go, because they already are in a huge hole when it comes to their contracts for the big boys, as they overpaid Nylander, Marner and Matthews.


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What's the next step for the Leafs after losing Hyman and Andersen?

Did The Leafs Make a Mistake on Not Resigning Zach Hyman?

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