Rumour: Seattle to offer Danault an 8 year contract

T. Tadi
July 20, 2021  (10:45)

We suspected that there was something to explain Carey Price's lack of protection with the Habs.

Well, Jonathan Cossette, a journalist with the Hebdo Journal in Trois-Rivières (and followed by several well-known sports journalists), may have put his finger on the answer. According to Cossette, the Kraken have agreed to terms with Danault on an eight-year contract worth $5.8 million per season. That would mean a lot of good news for Danault, who would receive more than $45 million U.S. (additional).
Ron Francis has been able to talk to Danault (and his agent) for the past two days since he was not protected and if he comes to an agreement with him, he will select Danault - not Price, Weber, Fleury, Drouin or Byron - and he will sign him to an eight-year deal after selecting him since he had his rights and he will have offered him the contract before the free-agent market opened.
Remember that according to various rumours last January, Danault had refused an offer of five or six seasons at an average annual salary of $5 million from the Habs.
One must admit that this signing in Seattle would clear up a huge mysterious blur with the Habs.
Phillip Danault putting his South Shore home up for sale...
Carey Price's wife who says everything will make more sense soon...
Marc Bergevin who is ready to expose Carey Price...
He probably knew for quite some time that Danault was leaving Quebec for Seattle and maybe that's why he made the moves he did recently.
If Jonathan Cossette is right, the CH will keep Carey Price. Can't wait to see the list of players selected by the Kraken tomorrow...
Will the Kraken have really decided to look at a player as prestigious as Carey Price? If so, I hope for them that their goalies will do the job...
Coming back to Danault, let's remember that many players and managers see him as one of the toughest players to play against in the NHL. I imagine that, like Joel Bouchard, he would have felt more wanted away from Montreal...
Still, $46.4 million for Phillip Danault would be a lot of money...
The (next) big question now: who will replace Phillip Danault to complete the Montreal center line? It will take someone with some experience...
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Rumour: Seattle to offer Danault an 8 year contract

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