4 Players The Seattle Kraken Could Flip To Other Teams

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July 20, 2021  (6:52)

A lot of star players, many of whom were previously off the protected lists, have become available to claim after the release of the NHL teams' protected lists. Some of these players have considerable experience, while others are still big names playing at the peak of their abilities.

Not all of them, but the majority of them come with a price tag on them. That does not concern Seattle because it gives them more chances to amass more draught picks in the future by offering these players to other teams, who have to take on a little of their salary. The Kraken could select these 4 players and then sell them to other teams.
Mark Giordano
It appears as though the Kraken has publicly declared that the Flames' captain will be their first-round draft pick. Another outstanding defenseman, as well as the Norris Trophy winner, would be a welcome addition to the defence in Seattle. Nevertheless, should the Kraken have a rough rookie season, Gio is a UFA in the offseason as well. Most teams in the playoff race in March will likely want to add a veteran like him, and if Seattle was to take on part of his $6.75 million salary he would no doubt be able to draw plenty of suitors looking to pay picks in return.
Russian forward:
Vladimir Tarasenko
Vlad has had three shoulder surgeries in the last three years, all of which were performed on his left shoulder. Even if a player makes $7.5 million each year for the next two seasons, it is a huge burden for a team to shoulder. Are we certain that Tarasenko will not be able to revert to his previous status as a superstar sniper? While it's possible, St. Louis seems disinterested in finding out. Even though Seattle might be, the new owners of the St. Louis Blues could take a chance on Tarasenko, a goal-scorer who could be an asset in the upcoming draft. Alternatively, they may want to see what other teams are willing to pay for him. Some sources claim that teams pursued Tarasenko but received little in return. If Seattle were to take on some of his cap hit, that could go a long way toward improving his situation.
Carey Price
That 33-year-old, still under team control, has a Hall of Fame goaltending resume. That can be afforded by every team in the league, and the offers would be sizable. The only thing to determine is whether Seattle would want to part with him.
Ryan Johansen
For the next four years, Johansen earns $8 million per year. Regardless of the fact that his production has been in decline for three straight seasons, that's a lot of money for a guy who hasn't been particularly productive since his rookie year. With that said, Johansen still scores at a 45-point pace, which is a respectable rate for a top-two centre in terms of durability. Teams would have difficulties down the middle if the Kraken were to acquire Johansen and then release him with $2 or $2.5 million retained. In that scenario, they would get multiple picks and prospects as compensation. Would Johansen get back to his 60-point-per-game average playing in a different system with a few talented wingers and a few additional years on his contract? Of course, it's possible.
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4 Players The Seattle Kraken Could Flip To Other Teams

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