Larry Brooks reveals New York Rangers' offer for Jack Eichel

Published August 2, 2021 at 8:21

As we reported to you over the weekend, things have seriously turned sour between the Buffalo Sabres and their franchise player Jack Eichel.

The derby is still ongoing and the Buffalo Sabres have yet to come up with an offer that would convince them to let their captain and best player go.

While the file seemed to stagnate and the Sabres organization declared in the last week that they were perfectly comfortable with the idea of bringing Eichel back to their lineup for the next season (they seemed to question a deal involving their captain since they were not getting their price), well here is that the agent of the latter published a statement to put a lot of pressure on the Sabres' GM:

"In response to the Sabres' statement that they are in control of the process, claim that Jack Eichel is under contract with them, we offer the following response:

The process is not working. As we've said before, we absolutely expected a trade before the free agent market opened."

The start of the autonomous player market opening was past Wednesday and so Eichel should have been traded by this point and he wasn't; a situation that really frustrates the Eichel camp, they see the Sabres as hurting the process and his career.

The saga has now moved to another level, and it is almost 100% certain that he will be traded as soon as possible!

Remember that according to the information circulating, the price of the Sabres was four elements that are the equivalent of a first round pick.

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Larry Brooks reveals New York Rangers' offer for Jack Eichel

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