The NHL rejects Seattle's offer to Grubaeur

Published August 1, 2021 at 8:13 PM

On July 28th, the Seattle Kraken signed UFA goaltender Philipp Grubauer to a 6-year, $35.4M contract with a $5.9M cap hit.

The NHL's central registry says there was a problem with the deal, and the league has now rejected it.

CapFriendly tweeted the news on Saturday, explaining why the deal was rejected. "Front-loaded contract requirements" were allegedly broken by the Seattle Kraken.

So what for Grubauer and the Kraken? Basically, not much. The two parties need only restructure the contract and resubmit it to the NHL's central registry. Everything will be resolved and Grubauer's new contract will be approved once the contract is examined and found to be compliant.

Let's go easy on the Kraken here.. it's their first time.

**Update at 7:17pm, according to the Seattle Times' Geoff Baker, the Kraken has removed $250,000 from year 3 of Grubauer's deal and added it to the 2nd year to become compliant. The contract is now under review and is expected to be approved shortly**

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