Brendan Gallagher's days could possibly be numbered

S. Harper
January 30, 2022  (12:02)

It looks like the Montreal Canadiens and Brendan Gallagher could decide to go separate ways.

If you're a Habs fan you're probably like the majority that loves Habs forward Brendan Gallagher, the player most call the heart and soul of the Montreal Canadiens. But after another embarrassing loss to the Edmonton Oilers this team desperately needs to be rebuilt.
Gallagher will be back in the Canadiens lineup tonight vs the Columbus Blue Jackets after missing 10 games with a lower body injury. So you know he's going to be jacked to get back in the lineup, Gallagher is a warrior he needs to play. Brendan Gallagher spoke with the media today saying,
«It's been a frustrating couple of months,» Gallagher said after taking part in Saturday's optional morning skate in Brossard while wearing a full-contact sweater. «Going back to really all of December, I didn't play and then pretty much go through all of January, I think I played a game and a half. It's never easy being out of the lineup. You like to pride yourself on being there for your teammates. So I'm looking forward to getting a chance to go to battle with them again. It's been a long time here and happy it's all coming to an end, hopefully tomorrow night get back in the lineup and get back to just playing.»
Though no fans will be in attendance tomorrow night in the Bell Centre, we will be cheering from home. However the elephant in the room is the Montreal Canadiens are 32nd in the NHL, the 24 time Stanley Cup Champions Montreal Canadiens are in last place.

This is unacceptable to all those legends that have put on that Habs jersey, or to any of the fans who's been behind their team since the beginning of Montreal Canadiens hockey. We know changes are coming and many hockey insiders have already shared their opinions on the Habs and possibly trades.
One name that does come up often is Brendan Gallagher, Gallagher is 29 and has a no trade clause and is under contract until 2026-27 season with a $6,500,000 million dollars annually.
So if a trade happens Brendan Gallagher has to be ok with that move, Gallagher spoke on his future briefly saying, "Winning is important, but being a Habs is pretty important to me as well."

If or when Gallagher does get traded it's going to be a tough day but I believe it will only happen if the deal makes sense for Gallagher and the Canadiens. If Gallagher is traded hopefully the pieces we get in return help the Canadiens with their rebuild.

Credit:Montreal Gazette
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