Big Time Free Agents Ready to Get Big Money in 2022!

Published August 16, 2021 at 10:54

The 2022 Free Agent class is no short on star power. There are some big time players poised to make some big time money and change the trajectory of many franchises full steam ahead.

If your team is in need of offence, you got it with this class. Zibby, Barkov and Gaudreau headline the offensive star power in this class. Any team regardless of where they are would love to add one of these high calibre players to their roster.


Barkov would definitely be the most coveted player out of this entire class, being one of the top two way offensive forwards in the game and really just entering his prime (27). Barkov's cap hit right now is $5.9M per year, which is very modest for his services. He will be very close to doubling that 5.9 when it's all said and done.. if not doubling it entirely.


Zibby and Gaudreau have been some of the most consistent offensive producing forwards in the league. You really won't have to worry much if your team hits some sort of wall in offensive production, it wont last long with one of these two on the roster.

August 16   |   147 answers
Big Time Free Agents Ready to Get Big Money in 2022!

Will Barkov's salary be over 12.5M per year on his new contract?

YES5940.1 %
NO8859.9 %
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