Beer League Player Gets Ejected From a Game and Launches a Bucket at the Referee

Published March 30, 2023 at 1:36 PM

One thing that is common across all hockey leagues is that there will always be disagreements between players and referees. Social media has allowed these moments to be captured and shared, which can be entertaining, but also concerning that this might encourage bad behaviour.

Beer League Player Throws a Bucket of Pucks

Check out this recent video:

This video shows a player getting ejected from a game after saying something to one of the officials, before he left, he decided to chuck a bucket full of pucks onto the ice. Fortunately the bucket was too heavy and reached the ice before it could hit and injure anyone.

No one sounded amused in the video at these actions, because this would have caused a minor delay in the game to clean up the pucks. Showing good sportsmanship is important in any sport, even if you disagree with a call, it is important to respect the call.

Due to the lack of context, one can argue both sides of the argument here, what did the player say to the ref that prompted this response? Do the two have a history of arguing? Either way, this action shows a complete lack of sportsmanship.

The player will likely receive some sort of punishment for his actions, most likely a suspension.

Bad behaviour and a lack of sportsmanship seems to be more prevalent in beer leagues these days. Here's another example of a game getting completely out of hand. It's important to remember, especially in a beer league, that it's just a game, and that the goal is to socialize and have fun.

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Beer League Player Gets Ejected From a Game and Launches a Bucket at the Referee

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