BREAKING: NHL Team Officially Changes its Logo Temporarily

Published March 30, 2023 at 10:47

The Seattle Kraken, a recent addition to the NHL, is quickly becoming a model for successful expansion teams. Gone are the days when expansion teams struggled for years with losing seasons and little hope of making the playoffs.

The NHL has learned from the experiences of the Senators, Ducks, and other organizations, allowing teams like Seattle to develop quickly and become contenders. The $650 million entry fee for the league and the renovation of the old Key Arena complex certainly warrant a competitive market.

The Seattle Kraken is Officially Changing Logo


Acknowledging the beautiful surroundings of the Seattle area, the Kraken have decided to change their jerseys and logo to recognize and dedicate a game called "Green Night."

As NHL jerseys are popular merchandise among fans, it's no surprise that the Seattle Kraken have decided to expand their lineup with more jersey options.

As seen on Hawks Insider - NHL Organization Announces That They Are Changing Their Logo Temporarily
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BREAKING: NHL Team Officially Changes its Logo Temporarily

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