Another Habs player enjoys a day with the Stanley Cup

Published August 20, 2021 at 7:51

After Mathieu Joseph, Alexander Killorn, Yanni Gourde and David Savard, the Quebec tour of the Stanley Cup stopped in Gap as Cedric Paquette enjoyed a day with the precious trophy. The Canadiens' new forward won the cup with the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2020 and the organization allowed him, one year later, to have his day.

"Often, we leave with two catches when we come from a remote area, said in a telephone interview the mayor of Gaspé. We don't have access to elite clubs, it's always very far away, very expensive for the parents. In this case, Cédric shows that even if we come from the "end of the world" - that's the nickname of Gaspé - we are capable of persevering and winning the greatest feats." - Cédric Paquette

After watching his Quebec counterparts eat poutine and caviar in the cup, Paquette decided instead that his menu was going to be a local specialty: poutine with shrimp.

Paquette came to an agreement with the CH on July 28 when he signed a one-season deal valued at $950,000. Last season, he had 8 points in 47 games with the Ottawa Senators and the Carolina Hurricanes.
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Another Habs player enjoys a day with the Stanley Cup

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