Penguins forward Sidney Crosby and Rangers goaltender Igor Shesterkin grappling
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Igor Shesterkin Confronts Sidney Crosby After Taking a Swing

Published April 2, 2024 at 10:18

At tonight's game between the Rangers and Penguins, Pittsburgh's Sidney Crosby found out he bit off more than he could chew when taking a swing at New York goaltender Igor Shesterkin.

The veteran Penguins player tried to keep up with the puck skating behind Shesterkin before chopping his side. Instead of shrugging this off, Shesterkin used his back to pin him to the wall before turning around to shove him with his stick.

"Igor Shesterkin not afraid to give it to Sidney Crosby"

Sidney Crosby later touched on the brief struggle between the two. He playfully suggested it was more about a game moment than anything.

«I think he's just trying to get himself in the game, obviously we had the lead, and he didn't see a lot of shots in the 2nd, we didn't get a lot. I think he was trying to create a little emotion. I've had a few run ins with goalies in this building before, so I've tried to learn from that a little bit and just try to worry about playing. But we were just competing out there and I don't think there's anything to that. You know that's one that usually doesn't happen, but you know, that's part of the game»

The Penguins have had a tough season with both game and attendance struggles. Yet, after struggling to stay in the race for the playoffs, Pittsburgh's victory in tonight's game leaves a little more wiggle room.

The New York Rangers, alternatively, were the first to earn their spot in the playoffs. With the team playing as aggressively as they are this season, Crosby's thought that Shesterkin's shove was just part of the competition seems like a reasonable take.

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Igor Shesterkin clashes with Sidney Crosby
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Igor Shesterkin Confronts Sidney Crosby After Taking a Swing

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