College Game Canceled After Coach Gets Involved In Huge Brawl With Fans

Published March 26, 2023 at 8:35

Two groups of young men have had their special moment canceled because of a group of unruly fans in what sounds like a truly unfortunate turn of events for the players involved.

College Game Canceled After Coach Get Involved In Brawl With Fans

A video posted to social media website "Reddit" by a user identified only as "txsyke20" shows an ugly brawl breaking out between fans of the two opposing teams on the ice. The game itself was between East Texas Baptist University and University of North Texas and was part of the Allen Americans College Classic, a game that has now been canceled.

The user described how the situation unfolded before starting to record with their camera:

"Apparently the younger guys were ETBU players and the older guy in the blue long sleeve was a UNT parent. It started with the UNT parent coming over and saying «how many of you guys want to leave with your teeth» and then shoved one of the ETBU players; then I started recording. - txsyke20"

The video, lasting over 2 minutes, shows several punches being thrown and a significant amount of profanity being exchanged between the opposing parties. If the available eyewitness account is accurate, it seems that the adults, rather than the young players, were the main instigators in this incident.

Regardless, it is essential to remember not to engage in violence. After all, it's just a game.

As seen on Hockey Feed - Game canceled after ugly brawl in the stands between fans.
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College Game Canceled After Coach Gets Involved In Huge Brawl With Fans

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