Vancouver Canucks Declined Big Offer for JT Miller

Published March 3, 2023 at 10:47

The Vancouver Canucks could have gotten a kings ransom for JT Miller if they hadn't offered him a $56-million extension. They had a way out...

Canucks Turn Down Big Offer For JT Miller

It's hard to imagine any team wanting JT Miller for the next seven years, but the Pittsburgh Penguins are no normal team.

They're out of the playoffs, clearing cap space just to add another veteran in Mikael Granlund, and per Darren Dreger, they also took a hard run at JT Miller.

Vancouver said we like the offer we just can't take it because it was draft picks. We need a center.

Indeed, the Canucks turned down an offer including high picks, but turned it down because they couldn't get a center in the deal. At a certain point, beggars can't be choosers, and this will likely bite the Canucks in the a**.

Canucks superfan and insider Taj1944 made his thoughts very clear on the matter:

Sorry but this is a fireable offense. Canucks turned down multiple draft picks for JT Miller. In shock right now. Fact Canucks liked the offer means they were high picks.

Now we know why Miller was held out. No matter how the Canucks try to spin it. Dreger has good sources with both teams.

Both the Canucks and Penguins are puzzling franchises. This should make them the perfect trade partners, but it doesn't look like anything will materialize here.
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Vancouver Canucks Declined Big Offer for JT Miller

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