Former NHL All-Star Completely Destroys Gary Bettman's Coyotes

Published March 2, 2023 at 11:32 PM

In recent years, the Arizona Coyotes have been a laughing stock around the NHL. Even former players of the franchise don't hesitate to speak their mind about the team. A former Coyote and NHL All-Star MVP just shared his thoughts on the current state of the Arizona Coyotes franchise.

John Scott made some harsh comments about the Coyotes. Scott started by commenting on the situation of the Mullett Arena and compared the team to an AHL team playing in a college arena. Then, he criticized the team's heavy reliance on long-term injured reserve and how it has negatively impacted the team's performances.

"Bettman is worried about teams using LTIR to spend more money but he is ok with them using LTIR to not spend anything and ice an AHL team in a college arena. They now have almost 30 million in LTIR dead money, they only pay their players 43 million!"

The Coyotes' reliance on LTIR has significantly impacted their salary cap, with 57.6% of their current cap hit coming from retired players, salary dumps, and salary retention. As a result, the team pays its players only 43 million dollars, considerably less than other NHL teams.

Even if the franchise is a joke and is bad for the NHL's reputation, nothing will happen as we're in Gary Bettman's league.

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Former NHL All-Star Completely Destroys Gary Bettman's Coyotes

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