Toronto Maple Leafs' Auston Matthews in action during a game.
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Unbelievable stat reveals the exceptional talent of Auston Matthews

Published April 1, 2024 at 4:58 PM

As you know, Matthews scored his 60th goal of the season last Saturday, in a convincing 3-0 win over the Buffalo Sabres. Auston Matthews is the best goal scorer NHL among players drafted since 2010.

By scoring his 60th goal of the season, not only did he joined Pavel Bure, Steve Yzerman and Jari Kurri for players who achieved that mark twice, he surpassed Jeff Skinner as the best goal scorer in the NHL drafted since 2010.

What's truly impressive is that Matthews was drafted in 2016. In 553 games, he has 359 goal. Following him are Jeff Skinner, with 357 goals in 999 games, Tyler Seguin, with 348 goals in 964 games, David Pasrtnak, with 346 goals in 667 games, Leon Draisaitl, with 344 goals in 710 games, Connor McDavid with 332 goals in 639 games, and more.

Here's the full list:

"Matthews (2016) - 359g in 553gp, 0.65gpg
Skinner (2010) - 357g in 999gp, 0.36gpg
Seguin (2010) - 348g in 964gp, 0.36gpg
Pastrnak (2014) - 346g in 667gp, 0.52gpg
Draisaitl (2014) - 344g in 710gp, 0.48gpg
McDavid (2015) - 332g in 639gp, 0.52gpg
MacKinnon (2013) - 331g in 783gp, 0.42gpg
Kucherov (2011) - 318g in 716gp, 0.44gpg
Scheifele (2011) - 295g in 790gp, 0.37gpg
Zibanejad (2011) - 292g in 840gp, 0.35gpg"

Interestingly, the Leafs' captain John Tavares, drafted in 2009, scored more goals than Matthews, with 451, although he did it in 1,100 games.

But there's more.

Auston Matthews scored more even-strength goals than Alex Ovechkin in the last decade.

In the last decade, Auston Matthews scored 268 even-strength goals, whereas Ovechkin has 265 in 185 more games.

"In a similar vein, Auston Matthews recently passed Alex Ovechkin for the most even-strength goals in the last decade, with 268 to Ovi's 265. Matthews didn't make his debut until Year 3 of this decade and has played 185 fewer games."

Matthews definitely shows that his place his among the League's elite, and we can't wait to see what he achieves next.

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Unbelievable stat reveals the exceptional talent of Auston Matthews

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