Matthew Knies, forward for the Toronto Maple Leafs, during a game.
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TRADE DEADLINE: Maple Leafs Receive Trade Offers for Knies, Cowan, Minten

Published March 6, 2024 at 11:14

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a good pipeline of prospects for their future and are now reportedly getting trade interest ahead of the deadline for their prospects.

Teams Interested in Matthew Knies, Fraser Minten, and Easton Cowan Ahead of the Trade Deadline

With the Leafs eagerly looking for success in the short term, there is a big question at this year's deadline about how risky they are willing to be with their future stars. They clearly have a deficit on the blueline that they are trying to fill, and the big question remains as to what they are willing to give up to do it.

Now, Elliotte Friedman has revealed that teams have inquired about the Leafs' young players in Matthew Knies, Easton Cowan, and Fraser Minten, however, the Leafs have shut down any inquiries.

«The one thing I do know is that people have asked them about Knies, Cowan, and Minten, and they have said no to this point,»

Leafs Will Have to Contend With Potentially Trading Their First Round Pick

The Leafs definitely can't have their cake and eat it too this deadline. If they aren't willing to move any of their prospects, they might have to consider moving their first-round pick if they want that top-pairing defenseman to play with Rielly. They do have Nick Robertson, who has been speculated as a player with good trade value.

We will see what the Leafs do in the coming days ahead of the deadline.

As seen on Hockey Feed - "Leafs get trade offers from Knies, Cowan, Minten ahead of deadline!"
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TRADE DEADLINE: Maple Leafs Receive Trade Offers for Knies, Cowan, Minten

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