William Lagesson  skates during a Maple Leafs game.
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MAJOR: Maple Leafs place defenseman on waivers

Published March 7, 2024 at 2:07 PM

Big news from the Toronto Maple Leafs camp – defenseman William Lagesson seems to have waved goodbye to the team's roster, making room for Joel Edmundson to potentially step in.

As we edge closer to Friday's 3PM trade deadline, all signs point to Lagesson hitting waivers, setting the stage for a roster shuffle. This move could shake things up in the Maple Leafs' defensive lineup, sparking plenty of speculation among fans.

Maple Leafs Defenseman Set to Hit Waivers

With Lagesson out of the picture, it's natural to wonder about the team's defensive game plan.

Now, all eyes are on Joel Edmundson. Known for his solid defense and physical play, his arrival could inject some fresh energy into the Maple Leafs' defensive setup.

As for Lagesson, it's unclear whether he will find a new role within the organization, or if this is the end of his journey with the Maple Leafs.

It's a waiting game now and we'll have to see how this roster shakeup unfolds and what it means for the Maple Leafs as they push through the rest of the season. Stick around for more updates as the story develops!
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MAJOR: Maple Leafs place defenseman on waivers

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