Wes McCauley Reveals Why He Screwed Over the Leafs Again Last Night

Published November 3, 2023 at 11:09

Liljegren Leaves the Ice After Rat Play by Marchand


Last night, Timothy Liljegren was on the receiving end of another dirty play by Brad Marchand.

He had to leave the game after Marchand put his stick between Liljegren's legs and made him fall awkwardly onto the boards.

Here's what happened:

After the incident, Tyler Bertuzzi received a lot of criticism for his reaction when Marchand was skating in front of the Leafs' bench.

If you missed it, see:

But the referee who didn't call a penalty, the renowned and controversial Wes McCauley, also received his share of criticism.

Keefe Calls Out McCauley's Poor Explanation After Missed Call


As you can see in the following video, McCauley sees the incident very well:

However, he didn't make the call.

Keefe asked him why he didn't penalize Marchand, and this is what he got:

"I got nothing," said Keefe. "They didn't see the stick go between his legs for the can opener to make him go feet-first into the boards in the most dangerous area of the ice. He didn't see it."

McCauley and Keefe have a personal history together, and it's obviously making the ref biased against the Maple Leafs.

If the NHL wants to keep a biased ref within their ranks, maybe not assigning him to Leafs' games would be a great start.

Do you think McCauley should be fired?

As seen on Maple Leafs Insider - Leafs receive terrible explanation as to why referee didn't call a penalty on Marchand for injuring Liljegren
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Wes McCauley Reveals Why He Screwed Over the Leafs Again Last Night

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