Toronto Maple Leafs forward William Nylander
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The Main Reason Preventing William Nylander's Extension Announcement Revealed

Published January 5, 2024 at 11:54

Arguably the biggest story surrounding the Toronto Maple Leafs this season has been William Nylander's contract negotiations. The Star winger remains without a contract extension in place although both sides are reportedly closing in on an agreement. Today we learned a new detail in the negotiations that could explain part of the reason why things have taken so long.

NHL Insider Confirms Nylander's Father Has Been Involved In Contract Negotiations

Friedman revealed on 32 thoughts today that he believes William Nylander's Father, Michael, a former player himself, has been heavily involved in his son's contract negotiations. He reportedly wants to make sure his son gets every penny that he deserves.

This is a unique negotiation because of Michael Nylander. Honestly, I feel gross writing it because I hate bringing up family when it comes to this stuff. But it is a factor and why everyone is so careful in discussing where things stand. He plays a major role in these conversations and William is very loyal, as you would expect.

Michael was known to be a tough negotiator in his own right when he was a player in the NHL. It seems as though that has transcended generations as he is now looking out for the well being of his son.

Freidman Believes Nylander May Sign Contract Extension In Coming Days

The NHL insider also reported on a segment with NHL network that he believes Nylander's contract extension is the Leafs number one priority, even over their short-term problems on defense and in net that the team has been dealing with this season. He even went so far as to suggest that they may push to get the deal finalized before the team's next game against the San Jose Sharks. That game is on Saturday, January 6th.

Friedman also referenced Nick Kypreos' report that Nylander was looking to sign for around 11.25 million dollars a season over eight years. He could not confirm the number, but did note that he believes the final deal will be close to that range if not spot on.

A William Nylander contract extension could be coming sooner than people think.

@FriedgeHNIC gives an update.

At this point is seems like only a matter of weeks if not days before we get a major announcement from the Leafs regarding Nylander's contract extension.

As seen on One major obstacle standing in the way of a Nylander extension announcement
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The Main Reason Preventing William Nylander's Extension Announcement Revealed

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