Auston Matthews skating gingerly off the ice after taking a crosscheck.
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Maple Leafs Fans Absolutely Lose it on the Refs After Many Miscalls vs The Avalanche

Published January 14, 2024 at 10:18

The Leafs couldn't close out a close one against the Avalanche last night, and Leaf fans took to social media to call out the refereeing for blatant missed calls during the game.

Leaf Fans Irate Over Missed Calls During Game Against Avalanche

The Leafs versus Avalanche game last night lived up to the hype, as two of the hottest offensive teams battled it out in a fast-paced game for the entire night. The Leafs were not able to close the deal on the 3-0 lead they established early in the game, but fans aren't necessarily blaming their play.

There were several missed calls by referees that fans are extremely upset by as it hurt the Leafs chances at preserving the lead. Most notably was the missed call on Josh Manson when he cross-checked Auston Matthews.

Here is some of what fans had to say.

Fans Upset About How the Refs Impacted the Game

A lot of fans know that the Leafs didn't play well enough to deserve a win, especially in the late second and third periods of the game. However, they do feel that the refs made a significant impact on the game, and how the Avalanche were able to come back from the deficit.

Also to everyone saying «the leafs deserved to lose that game regardless of the refs»

Can you stop saying these stupid generalities and realize that the incompetent officiating probably dictated the way the game turned in the Avs favour? Lmao be serious for once I'm begging you

The difficulty for Leaf fans is that they are often faced with calls that the League is rigged for them, whether serious or not, when in fact they are bottom of the League in powerplays given, year after year. For fans, this can get tiring.

While it is something that the Leafs will have to play through, they need to bring their best every night in order to do so.
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Maple Leafs Fans Absolutely Lose it on the Refs After Many Miscalls vs The Avalanche

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