Former GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Current GM of the Pittsburgh Penguins Kyle Dubas.
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Kyle Dubas' Final Mistake as Leafs GM May Have Cost Them a Good Player

Published January 21, 2024 at 4:03 PM

Kyle Dubas' final mistake as the Leafs GM may be haunting them still as this player that could have been a Leaf is having a stellar season.

Alex Kerfoot Having Incredible Season in First Away From Toronto

One of the final decisions that Kyle Dubas made in his tenure as General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs was to let forward Alex Kerfoot walk during free agency. He was previously on a 4-year deal with the Leafs, signed by Dubas, however, he was not extended and Dubas made no intentions of bringing him back to the club.

Now, Kerfoot is having himself a pretty great year, especially when you compare it to the Leafs' current depth players. Kerfoot was often criticised by Leaf fans, but now they may think that they were too harsh, and that they didn't realize what they had until it was gone.

We treated him too harshly

It's hard not to compare when Leaf fans are constantly penny-pinching and criticizing every contract due to how important those deals are as a result of the core taking up so much salary cap space.

Kerfoot Out Performing New Leaf Players Brought in this Year

Not only is Kerfoot playing better than Tyler Bertuzzi right now, but he also has more points than Max Domi on the season as well. Kerfoot is currently on a 2-year deal with the Coyotes with a $3.5 million AAV. Compare that to Domi's 1-year, 3-million-dollar deal or even worse, Bertuzzi's one-year, 5.5 million-dollar deal.

Leaf fans often struggle with thinking the grass is greener elsewhere, and fail to cherish what they have until it is gone. With Alex Kerfoot, this is no different, as he is showing Leaf fans just how valuable depth scoring can be, and that he may have been the missing piece they needed this year.
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Kyle Dubas' Final Mistake as Leafs GM May Have Cost Them a Good Player

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