Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Ilya Samsonov watching the play during a road game against the Detroit Red Wings.
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Ilya Samsonov Takes A Shot At Max Domi In Recent Interview

Published January 10, 2024 at 5:41 PM

A recent interview with Maple Leafs goaltender Ilya Samsonov took a wild turn when he took a major shot at his teammate Max Domi. In the same interview Samsonov praised another teammate and ripped a second teammate as well.

Samsonov Takes A Shot At Domi In Recent Interview

A new interview done by Jonny Lazerus of B/R Open Ice talked with Ilya Samsonov to get to know him better.

During the interview, Samsonov was asked a variety of questions. One of the questions included was who would be the worst goalie of your current teammates. With this question, he decided to take a shot at forward Max Domi.

Interesting question probably would have to go and say Max Domi.

Samsonov does not comment further on why he thinks Domi would be the worst goalie of his teammates. Nonetheless, this is a fun little dig at a teammate about his skills in the net. Domi was not the only player to get roasted by the Maple Leafs goalie during the interview.

Samsonov Roasts Teammate For Shooting High On Him In Warmups

As the interview continued Samsonov was asked which player was most likely to hit him up high or in the mask during warmups. Samsonov thought for a moment and then chose defenseman Connor Timmins. He also praised one of the Maple Leafs star players for his accuracy during warmups.

Lazarus: Who always shoots high on you in warmups?

Samsonov: Connor Timmins

Lazarus: Not Matthews?

Samsonov: No Auston shoots pretty good

While taking a dig at Timmins, Samsonov also praises Auston Matthews for his accurate shot as well. This interview was a fun little exercise to get into the mind and personality of Samsonov.

Samsonov was recently called up from a stint away from the team after struggling to begin the year. He will be a key part of the Maple Leafs if they are going to have success.
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Ilya Samsonov Takes A Shot At Max Domi In Recent Interview

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