Fans have fallen in love with Bertuzzi's unique antics.
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Fans Go Wild Over Tyler Bertuzzi's Unique Tape Job Captured on Camera

Published January 4, 2024 at 1:45 PM

Tyler Bertuzzi was an interesting signing for the Maple Leafs this summer, and while he's seemingly found his groove in Toronto, his unique ways continue to astound fans.

Bertuzzi's unique tape job captured on camera


During a recent Toronto Maple Leafs game, footage was shown of Bertuzzi's incredible tape job, and it's one that has to be seen to be believed.

Rather than a traditional tape job, Bertuzzi went with a single piece of black tape across the top of his stick, and the fans on social media were seemingly falling more and more in love with the character that he is.

Fans were also quick to point out that the rule for most hockey league's around the world is to have that end of their stick covered in some way, and while Bertuzzi may not have been complying with that rule, it was incredible footage regardless.

Maple Leafs fans continue to fall in love with Bertuzzi

All of this came after another incredible piece of footage from the former Red Wings star, in which he lost his glove during the play, but kept going and eventually found Calle Jarnkrok for the assist.

It appears Head Coach Sheldon Keefe is just as impressed with his grittiness and unique personality, as he described the play in this way;

If there was ever a guy that was going to make a play looking a little bit odd with one glove on, he'd be my pick. Stays in the battle. Makes the play.

The Maple Leafs may have thought they knew what they were getting in Bertuzzi, but it appears the Ontario native is much more than anyone in management could have hoped for as they look for a deep Stanley Cup run.

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Fans Go Wild Over Tyler Bertuzzi's Unique Tape Job Captured on Camera

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