Canadiens Forward Calls Out Ryan Reaves

Tyler Ball
September 24, 2023  (11:59)

The Toronto Maple Leafs wanted to add toughness and grit to their lineup this offseason. To achieve this goal the Maple Leafs brought in respected enforcer Ryan Reaves. We are just days into training camp and Ryan Reaves already has a challenger.

Canadiens Forward Has Major History With Reaves

The Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs rivalry seems to be alive and well after new comments from a Montreal forward. The Canadiens' Michael Pezzetta has had a past history with Ryan Reaves. The duo squared off when Pezzetta was a newcomer to the NHL with Reaves getting the better of him.
Pezzetta takes on Reaves. #NYR #GoHabsGo

While Reaves got the best of Pezzetta in this instance they both have a lot more experience now. At the time Pezzetta was commended for hanging tough with Reaves. With Reaves coming to a division rival Pezzetta is looking forward to another round.

Pezzetta Calls Out Ryan Reaves

In an interview to start off training camp the topic of the Maple Leafs came up. Naturally, the tilt between Pezzetta and Reaves was brought to his attention with Reaves coming to Toronto. Pezzetta is excited for the chance to get a rematch.
"When I heard Reaves was signing with Toronto, I was excited. I'm someone who likes to play hard, so when there are guys like him on the other side, it makes things more interesting."

"You never know. Maybe I'll get another chance to fight him, and this time it'll be better." - Michael Pezzetta, Journal de Montreal

Pezzetta also commented on why things might be a little different the next time the two players square up.
"I don't know about you, but I was at center ice at Madison Square Garden, I'd gotten my first point two games earlier and my first goal the game before that. So that fight with him, for me, was a lot of fun." - Michael Pezzetta, Journal de Montreal

After talking about Reaves Pezzetta focused on himself for a bit. He talked about improvements he made this offseason to make himself a more effective player for the Montreal Canadiens this season.
"I've improved my skating. My body is more explosive. Being quicker on my starts and more comfortable when I get the puck will enable me to be more effective in my role. When I touch the puck, I need to already know what I'm going to do with it, rather than thinking about it once it's on the blade of my stick." - Michael Pezzetta, Journal de Montreal

These improvements to technique and skill hopefully come with a production boost for Pezzetta as well. The Canadiens will need him, especially in their rivalry battles with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ryan Reaves.
Canadiens Forward Calls Out Ryan Reaves

Who wins in a rematch fight?

Michael Pezzetta6212.2 %
Ryan Reaves44687.8 %
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