Pittsburgh Penguins' general manager Kyle Dubas in a press conference.
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Penguins GM Kyle Dubas claps back at angry fan online

Published April 2, 2024 at 12:30

The Pittsburgh Penguins general manager, Kyle Dubas, clapped back at an angry fan who criticized him online.

Kyle Dubas hasn't always been calm and often showed his emotions when he was managing the Toronto Maple Leafs. Even if he left the team and joined the Pittsburgh Penguins, he hasn't changed.

He replied to one of his critics on X after a post suggested that Sidney Crosby would be scratched for the rest of the season after achieving his 19th consecutive point-per-game season.

Dubas himself replied with a picture that said it all.

Penguins' general manager Kyle Dubas claps back at online critics in the best possible way

Quite surprisingly, Dubas commented under the following post:

"Not to be pedantic, ok fine to be pedantic. Points-per-game is a rate stat. Are the Penguins just going to sit him the rest of the year lol"

Crosby did, in fact, score his 82nd point of the season, tying Wayne Gretzky for the number of point-per-game seasons in the NHL, with his 19th.

Penguins' fans and even Dubas were quick to point out the mistake, as Crosby already has 82 points, and there are 82 games in the season.

The picture is from a show called I Think You Should Leave, and shows a scene where Tim Robinson says "Are you sure about that?" multiple times in a row.

Many other fans decided to roast him for the mistake:

Eventually, he admitted his mistake, after the post went viral:

As if Sidney Crosby would even refuse to play a game. He's renowned to be one of the most competitive players in the world, and even if the Penguins have the slightest chance of making it to the playoffs, or no chance at all for that matter, he'll play.

About Dubas, there's one thing we can say about him: no other general managers in the League would do that. He is one of a kind, and despite questionable moves at the trade deadline, fans are eager to see what he has in mind for the next chapter of the Penguins.

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Penguins GM Kyle Dubas claps back at angry fan online

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