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MAJOR: John Tortorella reportedly ends NHL player's career

Published March 11, 2024 at 5:26 PM

John Tortorella has the reputation of being one of, if not the toughest Head Coach in the modern NHL, and now, his history with a certainly player may have major ramifications for the 900-game player.

Ryan Johansen may officially be done in the NHL

After 905 games in the NHL, veteran Ryan Johansen was traded to the Philadelphia Flyers as a salary cap dump, but now, it has been reported that it may end his entire NHL career.

The Flyers waived Ryan Johansen in part due to a complicated history with Torts and hard feelings towards shared agent with Cutter Gauthier.

(Via 32 Thoughts Podcast)

When the topic came up on the recent 32 Thoughts podcast between Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman, the two revealed that there were two major reasons behind the move to waive Johansen by the Flyers.

Firstly was the fact that he shares an agent with Cutter Gauthier, a player that earlier in the year messed around the Flyers future plans by demanding a trade and being very uncooperative.

Then, there's the history that he has with John Tortorella, and with hard feelings between the two, he has been waived and sent down to the NHL, where it's unlikely he'll play with the Flyers anytime soon.

Before the move, there were reported tensions between Johansen and the entire Avalanche locker room, with several teams turning down trades for a cap dump with Johansen, so now we will have to wait and see if he makes it back to the league again before his career is over.

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MAJOR: John Tortorella reportedly ends NHL player's career

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