Don Cherry (left) and Ron MacLean (right) during Coach's Corner on Hockey Night in Canada.
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Ron MacLean Stuns With Post Involving Don Cherry After Controversial Fallout

Published March 11, 2024 at 2:52 PM

In a surprising post made on social media, Rob MacLean has stunned the hockey world showing that he and Don Cherry still have a close relationship.

Don Cherry and Ron MacLean Together For Celebration Stuns Hockey World

When Don Cherry was thrown off of Hockey Night in Canada for his controversial statement about Canadian immigrants, it was widely speculated that Ron MacLean threw him under the bus in order to keep his job. With that speculation, it was assumed that the two's long-held relationship had gone downhill.

Now, in a surprising post, Ron MacLean has shown the hockey world that he and Cherry are still close, as they shared a celebration for Cherry's birthday together.

Us, when Grapes hit a Milestone and I was chasing one, so, recently. Canadians. Us like us - forever

With the two giving the patented Don Cherry thumbs up together, it appears that their relationship is as good as ever.

MacLean Getting Heat For the Post For Other Reasons

Pretty much all of the hockey world has gotten over the Don Cherry controversy. Not that people want to see him on TV again, but his name isn't mired with negativity as it was when he first made the comments. So this post by MacLean isn't very controversial. However, what is getting criticized is MacLean's wording of the post, as he is often flamed online for his monologues on HNIC.

Ultimately, Don Cherry and Ron MacLean are cemented as an all-time pairing for Hockey Media in Canada, as the two had one of the greatest segments in all of hockey that captured the interest of millions of hockey fans. Now, that era is coming to a close.

As seen on Blade of Steel - "Ron MacLean provides update on his relationship with Don Cherry after fallout"
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Ron MacLean Stuns With Post Involving Don Cherry After Controversial Fallout

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