Canes fan knocked out following Game 4 between Hurricanes and Rangers

Marvin Azrak
May 12, 2024  (9:37)

The fight between the Carolina Hurricanes and New York Rangers fan
Photo credit: X

The Hurricanes snagged their first power play goal in 17 tries in their second round series against the New York Rangers, forcing a game 5 in Madison Square Garden with their 4-3 win in Game 4.

Yet, things got even crazier after the game.
Apparently, there was this fan fight outside the PNC' arena in Raleigh, and it got brutal. Someone ended up knocked out cold. There's this video floating around on X, showing the victim lying there while chaos erupts around him. It's pretty clear he got sucker-punched, but why it all went down is still a mystery.
In the video, you can see people yelling for the cops, and trying to point out who threw the punch that knocked the guy out cold.
Playoffs always amp up the tension, but this is next level. Whatever sparked this fight could've been avoided. And props to the those in the video trying to get the person responsible to stick around for the cops. No matter what happened beforehand, there's just no excuse for this kind of stuff, especially when the puncher is a fan of the team who's up 3-1 in this second round series and had just railed off nine straight wins, including seven straight to start the playoffs.
It was New York's loss these playoffs and overall since April 11. If you're a fan, take the loss and get ready for Monday's clinching Game 5 at what's going to be a raucous MSG like the players and coaches are. They were never going 16-0 en route to a Stanley Cup. Good for the Canes fans to potentially leave their gathering place possibly one last time with a win. We're all here to enjoy the game as hockey fans. Yet, it's good to see people stepping up to help out the guy who got knocked out.
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Canes fan knocked out following Game 4 between Hurricanes and Rangers

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